Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Saturday, 9 December 2017

15mm Cattlemen Characters

Now it's back to Peter pig's wild west figures and I'm working my way (slowly) through the Cattlemen. The first completed figures are two character packs, pack 83 Buffalo Bruce and pack 84. Old Gabby. They are nice figures with a mounted, foot and dead option in each pack.

Buffalo Bruce (sniper)

Old Gabby

There are another two character packs finished just need to take a pic along with two different foot groups that are both near to completion. I have also prepared 40 horses for the mounted elements. 
With separate riders and horses do people paint them separate or glue the riders on first? I always do them separately but wondered it's easier to do them together.

Thanks for dropping by partners.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

One Hour Wargames.

I've read a number of favourable reviews and reports on On One Hour Wargames and  on Friday night I was looking on Amazon and and said to the wife if we've got any money left, from all the overtime I'm doing, when we get paid could you order me one. What a girl she went on to Amazon and with her prime account ordered me one there and then. It was a bit late for the next day delivery so I was expecting it tomorrow. But this morning it was delivered.

I hoping that this book will motivate back into gaming as the cover states 'for those with limited time and space's. There is also a chapter on solo wargaming.

Onwards and upwards.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

French commander and generals.

The French commander and generals are to be the last of my bases for the French contingent of my AWI project. 
After finishing the painting  a couple of weeks ago I brushed on my preferred  Windsor and Newton's galleria mat varnish. When dried the blue jackets had a gloss sheen to them and then, in a moment of madness, I picked up an old can of mat spray varnish and sprayed them. They greyed. I wanted to bang my head against the wall. I took the can out into the garden along with my air rifle and removed the temptation from my grasp. A few touch ups and some more brush on varnish and they are suitable.

The French commander and a Commissaire des Guerres.

The French generals

And the whole French contingent.

 Next up something new for one of my ongoing projects.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Warfare loot.

Yesterday I made the shortish trip to Reading for the Warfare show. I left at 9.10 and was there in 35 minutes. The drive was pleasurable through the country lanes of south Oxfordshire and Berkshire. 
When I arrived I parked easily and sat for 5 minutes or so before finding the parking pay machines. Ye god's what a rigmarole. There were only two machines by reception, one of which was not working, and a tablet type unit which the operator was having a few issues with. A long queue was forming before me and was a lot longer by the time I got in. But after that the show was it's usual pleasant self. There were some great looking games on show and a great mix of traders. 
I managed to spend 5 hours there and as usual enjoyed my day out.  The only downside really was the fact that I didn't sell the two FOW box sets I took to the bring and buy. eBay for those then.

As for the loot - a bit of a mix with no big spends. Just a lot of bits and pieces.

From the top left is a reaper bones Dragon Tortoise. A PSC box of 15mm Stuart Honeys. A pack of 2 warbases 15mm ore tanks . Below that are various accessories, MDF bases ,tufts and some paints. Also is a 15mm neo Assyrian chariot from Magister Militum (hopefully that'll complete the army) and a few packs of GZG Kra'Vaks, all new releases. Finally there is an MDF 20mm container kit from Blotz. Not sure on the scale as I wanted it for 15mm sci-fi. I see how it compares when it's made up.

I've been painting on and off for the past month on a couple of projects but haven't taken any pics. As I'm off this week I hope to catch up with that and put a few posts on here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Royal Deux-Ponts regiment.

The latest and last French AWI regiment I think I will paint is the the Royal Deux-Ponts Regiment.

This regiment was part of the French expeditionary force sent to help the Americans in their fight for independence. The regiment took part in the fighting at Yorktown.

The figures are PeterPig and are from packs 99 French line marching and 100 French line firing. The command base was from pack 101 French command advancing with the addition of a wounded figure from pack 112 French wounded. 

I've added the next pic as the blue seems to be a lot lighter in the first pic than in the second, maybe a trick of the light.

Now on with the generals. 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Starbase 962 control tower

Well in the end I primed the control tower with Windsor and Newton's varnish (brushed on) and gave it a spray coat of gey car primer. This was then highlighted and then dirtied using Cars weathering powders.

I haven't decided on the base so this has been left plain -  I need to consider the base for all the bits first.

As usual thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Warbases 15mm sci-fi buildings.

At Colours a couple of weeks back I picked up a few packs of Warbases 15mm Starbase 962. These are sci-fi mdf kits and recently had a review in the latest edition of Wargames soldiers and strategy.

The kits were all quick an easy to construct referencing the on-line instructions. The painting should be interesting, I was told, by one of the guys on the warbases stand, that he had just sprayed a kit with grey car primer and then used washes and highlighted. But I read in a magazine that priming with a spray varnish helps. We shall see!

Landing pad and ramp

Control tower

Double pod

Double pod +1

Hopefully I'll have time at the weekend to make a start on the painting.